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Ellis Middle School
Alumni Spotlight: Kaylee Johnson

In this week's Alumni Spotlight, we catch up with alumna Kaylee Johnson.

What are you doing now?

I am taking my CNA class at Riverland.

How did APS prepare you for this role?

I always hated school, but then I was enrolled in the REACH program. All the staff there care about your mental health and let you express what is going on in your home life that is taking up your whole focus. They notice when you aren’t yourself and if you're having a bad day. They listen, even if it’s the same story over and over. Despite the fact that the staff knew what I was dealing with at home, REACH gave me that one place I could be myself. They really get to know each student, even stuff that not even our friends know because they are just so easy to talk to. It was a relief just walking in their rooms.

What is your advice for current Packers?

If you need help, ask for it!

Who at APS inspired you?

Angie Taylor and Monica Lillis!

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